Manish Munot

Educational Qualifications

Manish Munot’s strong educational background equips him with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with the best insurance solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)
  • Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) – United Kingdom

Awards and Recognitions

Manish Munot proudly boasts the prestigious Bhima Ratna Award, an acknowledgment of his excellence and commitment to providing financial security to his clients.

Bhima Ratna Award

Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the insurance sector, Manish has been honoured with the Bhima Gourav Award, a testament to his unwavering dedication.

Bhima Gourav Award

Women's Foundation of India Manish is also the recipient of the Vocational Award from the Women's Foundation of India, demonstrating his commitment to empowering women through financial planning and security.

Vocational Award


What is the Final Additional Bonus ?

Final additional bonus is the profit distribution of insurance company and it will be given at the end of the policy term.

What will be the retirement amount per month for me ?

The current age divided by 12 in to 20 eth it is a per month retirement amount.

What will be the best IRR , I can get in insurance?

Yes you will get 7.50% per annum

What are double accidental Death Benefits ?

In the case of accident nominee will get double sum insured as a claim

What is a permanent disablement claim ?

In case of disability of insurance the insurer will get 10% per annum of the sum insured.

Can I get insurance if I am handicapped?

Yes you will get insurance.